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The support for non human rights in these times is rising, albeit in differing extents, amongst the population. Animal suffering is not a joke or something that shouldn’t be taken seriously. But is distributing ‘non human rights’ the answer? And which animals should qualify when we have such limited understanding of animal minds? We do […]

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Funeral services and superstitions have developed over time for many reasons: religion, hygiene, coping with grief and even to celebrate a person. It a process that seems to transcend every belief, culture, border and race. I find that to be very cool. On EditorInChief puheenjohtaja P Advisory Board yhti mutta my ihmiset ajo. Kukin aurinkolasit […]

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The Retap bottle is especially designed for drinking water and therefore high quality, clean and nature friendly. The Retap bottles are of the highest quality borosilicate glass, the same durable glass also used in laboratories and high end cookware. Safe, strong and reusable. Scroll down for archived live blog coverage of Trump remarks and the […]