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For Sydney and Chris Seggie, starting their eyewear business Fellow Earthlings in Prince Edward Island was a natural fit. “We wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the island and its history of eyewear production,” Sydney says. Has significantly diminished, its fashion forward legacy is alive and well in Fellow Earthling’s contemporary sunglasses selection. They have […]

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Arnold delivers a performance of florid exuberance and outsized noblesse oblige as Andrew, in whom blustery hale and hearty is underwritten by fathoms of pomposity, class snobbery, and self importance. Shaffer’s satire of Englishness, rooted in the old fashioned murder mysteries parodied in Sleuth, includes ingrained xenophobia, snobbery, and self regard, played to the hilt […]

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Made our demand for the return of the money we paid him for winning the Tour de France races where the titles were stripped, Jeffrey Tillotson told CNN Ashleigh Banfield. Armstrong and his legal team have not complied with that demand. Attorney who initially decided against pursuing charges against cyclist Lance Armstrong said Tuesday he […]

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Since Arizona’s character has been determined far more by snowbirds and carpetbaggers than by its natives, it seems appropriate that Brooklyn Magazine last year named Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy the best novel of this state even though less than 71 pages clearly take place here (the bulk is set in Texas and Mexico).But these […]