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A snowboarder who reaches out to the Gen Y demographic advertisers love, Mr. White has earned about $10 million in endorsement deals since winning a gold medal in 2006, which piggybacked his legendary performances in ESPN’s X Games competition, where he first burst onto the scene. Current endorsements include associations with hip companies like Burton […]

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Best whale watching? Southern resident orcas like to frequent the Strait of Georgia between May to October to feed on migrating salmon, while northern resident orcas feed in the Johnstone Strait during the late summer. Lions (CFL), the Vancouver Whitecaps FC (MLS) and the Vancouver Canucks (NHL) will all be playing at that time. The […]

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Where the batteries will be sourced remains to be seen. A new JLR facility in Hams Hall, between Coventry and Birmingham, will import battery cells from Asia to assemble into packs, while BMW will import packs from Germany. The opportunity for a global industry enjoying explosive growth is enormous and without a battery industry, the […]