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Crucially vitamin D plays an important role in insulin secretion and insulin sensitivity for glucose homeostasis. (6) The balancing role of fat also plays a vital role in the prevention of diabetes complications such as retinopathy and in renal health. Fat consumption also provides satiety within the diet and so may prevent overeating. He should […]

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The origin of biological information is an unexplained phenomenon. Prior research in resolving the origin of proteins, based on the assumption that the first genes were contiguous prokaryotic sequences has not succeeded. Rather, it has been established that contiguous protein coding genes do not exist in practically any amount of random genetic sequences. Gender: unisex. […]

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While its good showing in the Lok Sabha polls was owing entirely to its alliance with the BJP, the 2017 municipal elections that it fought on its own showed that the bold and beautiful still opted for the BJP or the Congress while the Sena remained confined to the lower middle class voters of Mumbai.So […]