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ITA is a four year pre college program that provides hands on training and access to technology for talented students of color and economically disadvantaged students attending Madison public schools. During their four year ITA experience, the students meet bi weekly during the academic year to learn Web design, animation, graphic design and other technology […]

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The 2017 graduating class included eight families: Glendalie Kennedy and son Mandrell, Kerri Wambald and daughter Kady, Christina Fitzpatrick and son Corey, Jamie Howe and daughter Emily, Martha St. Clair and son Juelz, Abigail Norgren and daughter Isabella, Laurie Baggatta and son Payton, and Blanche Ferrell and daughter Leemoyah. David. From Good Smile. Firing effect […]

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I detest the ‘draw up the bridge’ and ‘shun outsiders’ attitude. It is incompatible with our collective and progressive desire to encourage more people into Norfolk to help strengthen our economic hand. It’s counter productive to our pursuit of better infrastructure and increased investment from government. Secondly, research ethics committees should not only scrutinise proposals […]