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In other ways, it has stayed true to its roots, poking fun at the powerful including the current occupant of the Oval Office, the recent victim of a sly Lampoon prank. The first test: can they make their upperclassman judges laugh?Our cameras were invited into the castle library to watch upperclassmen put compers on the […]

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No series does this better than Malazan: mulptiple continents, hundreds of PoVs, dozens of arcs, millennia of history, dozens of races, gods, ascensions, extinction, war, begrudged love, philosophies. Malazan has it all. It is the ceiling for the fantastical.. That a different situation.), whereas The Pride and Die Innenstadt are huge, and their massive numbers […]

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Une personne se fait arr pour traite de personnes, elle se fait g aussi arr pour d’autres chefs, comme prox a expliqu la criminologue. Si la personne est reconnue coupable pour plusieurs chefs, le juge va la condamner purger la peine du chef le plus important. Avec les peines cons les magistrats pourraient additionner les […]

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“Aladdin,” $7.6 million ($16.2 million international).6 . “Midsommar,” $6.6 million ($761,000 international).7 . “The Secret Life of Pets 2,” $4.8 million ($22.4 million international).8 . So you’re deemed to be an accredited investor. You are now held responsible to make your own informed and calculated decisions. I know that just because you are labeled “accredited” […]

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Defender of the FaithThe British monarch carries the title of Fidei defensor, Defender of the Faith. The title was originally granted to the King of England, Henry VIII, by Pope Leo X in 1521. Henry wrote a sterling defence of the sacraments, including of marriage, so good that the Pope was moved to confer a […]