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“Aladdin,” $7.6 million ($16.2 million international).6 . “Midsommar,” $6.6 million ($761,000 international).7 . “The Secret Life of Pets 2,” $4.8 million ($22.4 million international).8 . So you’re deemed to be an accredited investor. You are now held responsible to make your own informed and calculated decisions. I know that just because you are labeled “accredited” […]

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Defender of the FaithThe British monarch carries the title of Fidei defensor, Defender of the Faith. The title was originally granted to the King of England, Henry VIII, by Pope Leo X in 1521. Henry wrote a sterling defence of the sacraments, including of marriage, so good that the Pope was moved to confer a […]

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Love this, Linda. You truly are a sunshine on a cloudy day. Your outlook, your sense of humor, your kickass writing everything speaks volumes about your spirit. Sen. Jeff Merkley and other Democrats on Thursday called for legislation that would close the privately run shelters that care for children in government custody. Merkley of Oregon […]

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I ssued, May 17, 1862. ARTEMUS WARD;%IS TRAVELS. Sept. Laine had scouted the Internet for prescription discounts. Alec vented to his best friend, Erick Borrome, whose wife, Arizbeth, offered to get him cheap insulin from a pharmacy in Mexico, where she had family and a vial cost roughly $50. She says: “We had many conversations […]