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I’ve also spent around 70,000 on cosmetic surgery nose, eyes and lips, regular Botox and veneers on my teeth. I had liposuction to get rid of my belly after my pregnancies, and three boob jobs. I’d like another one now, to get them reduced. Enter real live baby, full time job, and perhaps other children […]

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Greatness Is Achieved Through Masculine and Feminine EnergyGenerally speaking, both sexes need to develop either their masculine or feminine energy somewhat, depending upon the individual. A correct blending of opposite energies is what crafts human beings into more well rounded people. However, it is the feminine energy which inspires humans to sacrifice time for a […]

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Matt studied enology at the University of California in Davis. His winemaking career began in 1982 helping his brother at his Oakley winery; in 1985 he began as winemaker and creative director at Cline Cellars. Over the course of his 16 year career at Cline, Matt was responsible for branding Cline Cellars’ unique style of […]

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LIVERMORE, Calif. (AP) A young mother has admitted to investigators that she stabbed her 7 month old son to death in a popular Northern California park, police said Sunday.Ashley Newton, 23, of San Jose was arrested Saturday on suspicion of murder, the East Bay Regional Parks District Police Department said in a statement.Investigators continue to […]

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So he thought, okay. I don’t need to be operated. I can deal with this.’”. Success in Afghanistan Thank goodness Truman, Obama stood their ground Obama’s tenure marked by many disappointments Ensign’s time is running out A general’s poor conduct Cost cutting at schools pits books vs. Immigration law is already on books, but ignored […]