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In this study, the impact of tertiary treated municipal wastewater on the quantity of several antibiotic resistance determinants in Duluth Superior Harbor was investigated by collecting surface water and sediment samples from 13 locations in Duluth Superior Harbor, the St. Louis River, and Lake Superior. Quantitative PCR (qPCR) was used to target three different genes […]

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In addition to heavy rain, a few storms could also produce some pockets of damaging winds. Some of these storms are likely to coincide with the commute home, so allow extra time or consider delaying travel until they pass. In western areas. If they don’t pick up their games, and soon, the Knicks won’t make […]

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“Avaaz is a world human rights organization who use the power of publicity, via Internet, the Media and face to face to influence Governments to do the right thing. In a matter of hours they can get their members and friends to support a world wide petition of one and a half million signatures. They […]

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Problem: I LOATHE shopping and am a style/fashion amateur. Where should be looking? What should I be looking for? Details inside. [more inside]. Yep, I have six cats. My original three are strictly indoor cats and the others stay outside. Each day, twice a day, I feed six cats. The end came when communist and […]