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So we’ve got lots of agreements, bilateral and some multilateral within that context, that can be used as models”. On Iran and other security issues, such as Huawei’s involvement in 5G networks, Bolton said the message the US wanted to convey was that “the US government fully understands that in the next 80 days the […]

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2300 cats are killed in shelters in the US every single day because there is no one to care for them. And those ones are lucky. Most kittens born outside suffer terribly before they die of starvation, exposure, disease, or predators. Both sides feature a waterproof, triple laminated fabric cover that is easy to clean. […]

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The first and third Thursday of each month at City Hall, 45 E. Broad St. On the Monday (unless it falls on a holiday, in which case it will be on the following Tuesday) prior to the council meetings in the same location to review upcoming meeting agendas and receive other information as required. Writing […]

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This comes to mind with the arrival of April, designated for several years now as National Poetry Month. The assumption that we need a month of awareness raising for poetry suggests just how marginal poetry has become in contemporary national life. Poetry rarely makes it on the bestseller list, can be hard to find in […]

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The women received weekly sessions consisting of 15 minutes of pregnancy specific smoking cessation support (behavioural support and self help guides), 15 minutes of physical activity counselling and 20 30 minutes of supervised exercise. Trained counsellors prepared the women for stopping, and the women stopped smoking on an agreed quit day during the second week […]