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Sheriff, Jordan succeeded J. E. Currie, who had served in the position since 1908. Hotel scheduling kept the troupe from getting on stage to rehearse before the opening itself, but that’s no excuse for this slapdash production. Glaring examples show up in the simplest items. The most obvious, for a story about sharpshooters, are the […]

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HOBART HURRICANES In: Tim Bresnan, Alex Hales (Adelaide), Michael Hill (Renegades), Dominic Michael, Jake Reed, Darren Sammy, Beau Webster Out: Aiden Blizzard (Thunder), Doug Bollinger (Sixers), Ben Laughlin (Adelaide), Dimitri Mascarenhas, Owais Shah Availability: Their glut of early games should ensure Hales, Sammy and captain George Bailey play most of their matches before heading off […]

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I wash everything in Allen’s and love to hang diapers on the clothes line. Kids: 3 girls. Jillian 8 03, Natalie 12 04 and Evangeline 4 08 Type of diapers: mix of prefolds, fitteds, covers, and pockets. None of the millitroops knew quite what to expect from this new habitat. They all scurried into the […]

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“But we felt it was time to get progressive and move outside our usual comfort zone while keeping the integrity of our core sound,” he continued. “We really wanted to prove we have something to say and be original artists. Original material is virtually unheard of for an a capella group, and we’re really excited […]