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Oakley’s attorney, Jeremy Levinson of Milwaukee, said that even if Oakley really needed to brush up on patrol skills, he could do it through a much shorter course offered by the state or by field training, the option allowed for another, less experienced deputy who transferred to patrol. From 1995 to 1999, and sporadically after […]

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Chicago has some of the best venues for just that. If you should know anything about Chicago, it is that it has a rich history in comedy and cabaret. This is a tradition that has not died. Strange CircumstancesOfficer Lanny Dunbar spotted the woman pulling her load down the sidewalk. There was not anything suspicious […]

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In the West, there are a lot of pretenders. The Lakers weren’t going to win even with Magic, who was too slow. The Rockets have somehow made Hakeem Olajuwon a liability. What more, as Watergate made America embarrassed about itself, the idea that sad endings were more real and relevant pervaded.” Grit was good. Movie […]

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Gender: unisex. Age Group: adult. Read more. He was a clutch performer and fan favourite during his 12 seasons with the Vancouver CanucksAlex Burrows, a clutch performer and fan favourite during his 12 seasons with the Vancouver Canucks, will have his name and No. 14 added to the team ring of honour on Dec. 3 […]

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The family planning rule published Friday is expected to result in a dramatic change in the type of information the women participating in Title X programs receive. Some of the faith based groups advocate “fertility awareness,” which involves using ovulation predictors and calendars, and abstinence as methods of preventing pregnancy. Last year, HHS issued a […]