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I don’t know if they are using the original single cylinder reversible 2 stroke motors belt driving the axcle or if they have been fitted with a more modern engne/transmission setup. The original was simple you crank started the engine in the direction you wanted to go and away you went. To come back you […]

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And several other governments across Canada have also expressed interest in the idea of a basic income. Mayors from Calgary and Edmonton have shown support and the Green Party made it part of their platform in the last federal election. Quebec premier Philippe Couillard appointed a cabinet committee in January to look at creating a […]

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Precise and durable sculpturally integrated hinge mechanisms with dual cam action. Interchangeable Square O icons for a versatile look. Two sets of icons are included. Last week in Boulder, Co., the site of the third Republican debate, O’Malley stood alongside the families of two of the victims of the shootings in Aurora and Columbine, Co. […]

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A landing page is useless without thorough A/B testing. Optimizely is designed for testing landing and interior pages by highlighting and tweaking page elements. A 30 day free trial will provide essential information surrounding the core elements of a landing page.. I’ve tried various Evernote based GTD systems (but not The Secret Weapon, but from […]