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Reaching out to a new dimension in computing: Also showcased was Intel RealSense technology, which uses new generation cameras that facilitate immersive applications which will bring a new layer of interactivity between users and screens. Somewhat like what Kinect facilitates, this new technology recognizes hand gestures and understands facial expressions, and is also able to […]

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Other Confusing Irregular PluralsThe plural of “alumna” is “alumnae” if the alumna is female. A male “alumnus” becomes plural “alumni.” I can’t seem to keep that one in my head! Here’s a common word: data. Although “data” is thought by many to be both the singular and plural, “datum” is technically the singular form. I […]

Oakley M Frame Nose

SuperThin (ST) Glass Lens: For general wear, ST Glass is 20% thinner and lighter than conventional glass giving you superior optics, durability, and scratch resistance without the weight. Three rare earth elements boost colors resulting in clarity, comfort, and glare protection. PolarizedPlus2 Technology: All Maui Jim Sunglasses block glare and UV from all angles, manage […]

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Buford King was arrested after a three year investigation into the deaths of one man who went missing in 2011 and two others who went missing in 2016, according to the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office.At a news conference Wednesday, Fresno County Undersheriff Steve Wilkins said that it’s a “definite possibility” that there may be other […]

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Manning has worked as a NASA consultant on the Chandra X Ray Observatory, which was NASA’s flagship X ray telescope launched in 1999, and worked with the Brookhaven National Laboratory in New York, among other things. Tuesday in the Family Life Center at Lake Square Presbyterian Church, 10200 Morningside Drive, Leesburg. Kristin Grunell from Visiting […]