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If you will note, these all way “To Be” or “To Feel”. Remember that Tener means “to have” and always will. Its meaning doesn’t change except in these idiomatic phrases where the literal meaning is interpreted as something else entirely. Sixty, eighty years ago, England was a country like every other, with small towns, few […]

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Elsewhere, Toyah convinces Leanne to go on a date with an old friend of hers. Later, B guest Chris chats up Leanne in the Rovers with an unimpressed Peter watching on. However, Leanne good time comes to a swift end when she realises that Chris has robbed her phone from the table! What he playing […]

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At the clinic, a nurse practitioner discussed the potential complications of the chronic disease, including blindness, nerve damage, and kidney and heart problems, according to medical records. Alec came home with prescriptions for two kinds of insulin: One was long acting; the other gave him short bursts before meals. He wrote on Facebook: “Today a […]

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Oakley said her flat statement of “no deal” meant no release of military equipment that Iran is seeking, no pressure on Israel to release prisoners, no pressure on Kuwait to release prisoners. Policy remains not to make concessions to terrorists or ask other countries to do so. “Making concessions only encourages additional acts of terrorism.”. […]

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Darter Dace Sea Cadets volunteered for Community Action Alger Marquette to play with kids at the fair and help spread awareness about the organization Head Start program, providing free pre school education for low income children ages 3 5. At right, Sawyer Kennedy, 2, runs out from a parachute being held up by the sea […]

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Said coach Paul Silas: “We’ve won close games lately, which is good. We’ve blown teams out, which is also good. I think we’re playing well in every aspect of the game right now.” The 76ers have trouble matching up with Eddie Jones, but everyone has trouble with Allen Iverson. Robinson said that at Thursday FAA […]