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A total of 628 Victoria Crosses were awarded during the First World War: 454 Victoria Crosses were awarded to UK born recipients; 173 were awarded to servicemen who fought for Britain, but were born overseas; 1 person was awarded the Victoria Cross twice during the First World War. Special paving stones will be laid in […]

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Jarboe four terms as County Commissioner surpasses any record for winning elections in modern history for commissioners. Eagan popularity is well documented among Republicans Independents and Democrats as well. Her experience as a small business owner, a member of numerous Professional Boards, a citizen activist, volunteer with various fraternal and civic groups and as an […]

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Cec and Maurice also enjoyed many visits from family and friends while living in British Columbia. They were great hosts and Cec was an excellent cook. Cec and Maurice had no children, but they adopted their cousins’ children as their own, lavishing affection on them and playing sports with them. Will professional cycling change? It […]