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Justice Marshall was a judicial activist to the core. He believed the Court must step outside the boundaries of the Constitution the secure the triumph of the administrative state dedicated to leveling American society, and that individual passions deserved unfettered expression. A powerful centralized administration was necessary, in his view, in the name of equality […]

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It’s time WE weed them out. The media refuses to cover this protest because they are not a true American media, they are bought and paid for by Corporations and those who suck up to Corporations. It’s time to topple the giant money machine that is starving the middle and lower classes. Interment in Harrowsmith […]

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Sen. Ted Kennedy first introduced his version of national health insurance in 1971. “[I]nterestingly enough, today is the anniversary of Medicare ” 54 years ago, under Lyndon Johnson and the Democratic Congress, they started the program. As for the real Mc Coy, my mentor let me read all standards of all British gundogs. After that […]

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The takeaway is a unique form of motivation and inspiration and learning that can only come from hearing people across multiple disciplines talk about their creative process.The reaction typically is, “I got a lot of really good ideas coming out of this” and not because they heard “Do this on Twitter.” What they mean is, […]