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Research about what people want that are not being addressed by existing sites. Unless you are starting a totally new concept, chances are high that competition in your space already exists. How are you going to compete with them and what new things are you going to bring that they are currently not giving?. I […]

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The data informed placement of the triangulated texture of the Nike Flyknit corresponds with NSRL (Nike Sport Research Lab) data on ball control. This is further emphasized by the boot’s dominant visual cue, the medial triangle. “The triangle roughly covers the surface between 3 prominent bones in the foot: the calcaneus, talus, and first metatarsal […]

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Tayari Jones new novel, American Marriage, makes a surprising companion to Unburied, Sing. Her African American characters would seem to inhabit a different world: They college educated, gainfully employed, upwardly mobile; they haven been flailed by poverty or caught by the hooks of addiction. But they are black, and in America, that fact trumps everything […]