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Item Type:ArticleItem Status:Live ArchiveAbstractThe Social Science Centre, Lincoln (SSC), is a co operative organising free higher education in the city of Lincoln, England. It was formed in 2011 by a group of academics and students in response to the massive rise in student fees, from 3000 to 9000, along with other other government policies that […]

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This season, the 76ers finally began to reap the benefits of Hinkie’s oft maligned handiwork. The 76ers, with a core of young stars, finished with their best record since 2001 and advanced to the Eastern Conference semifinals before losing to the Boston Celtics. Ben Simmons, a 6 foot 9 point guard, is favored to win […]

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Groomed for greatness from infancy, Woods is the rare phenom to fulfill his promise. He’s a multiethnic star with a megawatt smile and what was a clean living image qualities he harnessed to become the consummate corporate pitchman, the world’s richest athlete for eight years running and the target of unending idolatry. When athletes meet […]

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IceMules are soft sided backpack coolers with durable fabric, reinforced seams, and an unusual air bladder. 15, 2016″ > >Florida College Facts and Figures Fall 2016Florida has dozens of colleges and universities for higher learning. Get to know your state schools here: KEY = party school designation based on student opinion, CollegeConfidential reviews and ranking […]

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Es ist die Zeit der inneren Einkehr und zugleich die Zeit der Familie. In dieser Phase sind die Schleier zwischen den Welten besonders dnn, Wahrsagerei, Zukunftsprognosen und Kartendeuten haben Hochkonjunktur.Doch fr viele Menschen artet diese Phase des Jahres in reinen Stre aus: Weihnachten, schweres Essen, zu viel Ses, Besuche, Plne schmieden, Silvesterparties, AlkoholIn meiner Arbeit […]

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However, this is a large range of markets to target. Nike+ will initially focus on suburban areas, and especially focusing on cities, simply because of their higher populations, which will lead to higher sales. Once Nike+ products have sold successfully, Nike will be able to expand and reach more suburban areas and even more rural […]

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Strategy 9. Take your message to the media. Local newspapers and television are always looking for stories and topics of interest. Globalization increases warfare because of other countries inter dependency on one another. I realize the advocates who promote this myth use the same argument as I to suggest this creates peace. Inter dependency never […]

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These interviews present an oral history of the creative Renaissance that exploded in the Fifties and Sixties. “There’s not a real center of poetry anymore,” poet Joanne Kyger declares. “I think of the readings of the late sixties, where we had 500 to 1,000 people at a reading. INSKEEP: I’m trying to figure out what […]