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Many businesses owners have understood the power of the digital medium when it comes to converting site visitors into high value customers. The website must be well designed to ranks highest on the SERP that helps to convert site visitors into genuine customers. Businesses will achieve profits when they combine attractive design with credibility to […]

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My first sip of kombucha did not go as planned. I’d heard about this fizzy, fermented tea of sorts. I’d heard it might serve to settle your guts after you’d possibly abused them by eating too many cheeseburgers and drinking too many Manhattans. As there is more commercial activity around Christmas holiday season, cyber criminals […]

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No, it doesn’t matter. You’re being inappropriate. It’s making me uncomfortable. A 24 ounce serving of Gatorade, or other sports drink, gives you about 42 grams of carbs. Then you can get the remainder from carb sources like rice or pasta a cup of cooked white rice and a cup of cooked spaghetti both have […]

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Excessive sleep: You may find yourself sleeping for longer than normal periods on a regular basis if you’re suffering from clinical depression. It may seem that you just can’t get enough sleep. And even when you do sleep for eight or nine hours, you still feel tired when you wake up. The shades are retractable, […]

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A similar question was asked whether they would vote for a $17 million bond issue to renovate the building, add classrooms and a new gym that would increase taxes by $229 per $100,000 of property valuation. Fifty percent said they would be against it, while 40 percent would be for it. The remaining percentage was […]