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Shopping for Halloween this year was a frightening experience; far scarier than zombies, werewolves or the acting in those Twilight movies. The shock came when I was perusing the candy selection, trying to decide which motion activated ghoul would best scare the people around my apartment. An aisle away from these scream inducing devices sat […]

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They politicized sponsorships. When Under Armour announced its support for the president, several Under Armour athletes made angry protests against the company that pays them to wear their gear. Immediately, Nike and Adidas, smelling blood in the water, released statements saying they don’t support Trump’s policies, and then Under Armour backed off its statement. Cooperative […]

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A prime example is NBC, which paid hundreds of millions of dollars for the rights to broadcast the Olympics. Other media sponsors include Sports Illustrated, USA Today, Time magazine, Reuters, Kyodo News and other major national and international media corporations. A local example is KSL TV and KSL Radio, an “official supplier” for the 2002 […]

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Another important article for every entrepreneur looking to start a shoe store is their “10 Most Important Shoe Shows.” We always get questions from our visitors asking us where they can buy inventories to sell for their shoe stores, and one good source of information as well as networking contacts is trade shows. We purchase […]