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Evaporative Humidifiers Undoubtedly quite standard and the foremost commonly used, cool mist evaporative humidifiers works on the natural principal of evaporation. The humidifier contains a wick that absorbs water while a friend blows out the dry air through the wick filter. This permits the water in the filter to evaporate into the room. In November, […]

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A recent study from the University of Toronto confirmed what many Canadian companies already know: we losing our best and brightest science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) graduates to the United States, at alarming rates. According to the report, a full two thirds of software engineering graduates from Canada top universities leave after graduation to […]

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Bostick helped the Shamrocks, under the guidance of legendary girls basketball coach Harry DeFrank, win the 1986 PIAA Class 2A title. After finishing her career with 1,269 points, Bostick matriculated to St. Joseph University, where she won Big 5 Rookie of the Year honors and a spot on the Kodak District II All America team. […]