Nike Acg Lava Dunk

There were a multitude of vigorous camera angles that kept the viewer uninterruptedly stimulated. A better question for when identifying the position of the camera during this specific ad would be: Where isn’t the camera? From sky high bird’s eye views, to underwater dips in the pool, Nike brought their audience on the camera angle […]

Nike Dunk All Black Low

Bright, perennially busy and always adaptable, Ho Chi Minh City has got all the bases covered whether you want high class restaurants or bargain street eats, bustling markets or chic boutiques. It is a city thriving with culture and commerce that has driven Vietnam towards social and economic development. Ho Chi Minh City possesses an […]

Nike Dunk Acg Pack

Original ice hockey gloves were not worn for protection from errant sticks and pucks but to protect players from the cold temperatures outdoors, according to the Dallas Stars website. In 1896, George Merritt wore the first form of goaltender leg pads in an ice hockey game, donning cricket pads to protect his legs. In this […]