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Aug. 26, 2009 PRLog MARYVILLE, Tenn. Cherokee Athletic and Cherokee Baseball and Softball Academy have been sold to Baseball, LLC, a group of East Tennessee investors with big plans for the future of athletics in East Tennessee. Norman: And it seems as though Donelle’s not alone. Statistics show that Australians are using alternative medicines and […]

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After a few years in executive positions at United Technologies in Connecticut, Bellemare joined Bombardier in 2015, when he was appointed president and CEO.This transition did not come without its challenges. He replaced almost everybody who reported to the CEO, believing it not be possible to drive a significant turnaround without making some leadership changes. […]

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Account planning introduced the notion that deep customer knowledge from psychology to where and how people spend their time could add intelligence and effectiveness to the unknowns of marketing. That model saw the rise of the “planners” in marketing agencies, first in London, and soon across the world. These were the guys and gals who […]