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Michael Wolff’s “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House” turns a blowtorch on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Wolff’s tales of disorganization, internecine warfare, and egomaniacal incompetence melt Trump’s self declared, steely image as a drain the swamp populist into a puddle of undisciplined, incurious, narcissism. The book, based on scores of named and unnamed sources, […]

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Tuckett: For BYU athletics to achieve optimum success, a conference affiliation is mandatory. We are doing the best we can do with a difficult situation. The ESPN partnership has been our salvation because of helping to facilitate scheduling of attractive opponents. While the romaleos are slightly wider, the sizes are very comparable. If you like […]

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Shoemaking went offshore decades ago, mainly to China, because the process is so labor intensive. Making a single pair of running shoes can require up to 80 production steps. International Trade Commission. Inspiring short stories, quotes, poetry, jokes, anecdotes, metaphors, artwork, anything really just aspects that inspire you and may also help to inspire others […]

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It’s a Hollywood doomsday scenario what would a scientist make of it?Dr Graham PhillipsOh devastating. It was devastating for two reasons, I think. One was the highly infectious nature of it. Mudge appointed jail turnkey and police radio operator Lions Club presents 10 year membership award to Frank Nichols Tioga County Educator Association initi ates […]

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Reed, 5925 Mission, Daly City. JOSEPH TR1ANO SANTA ANA Marine Private First Class Joseph L. Triaiio, son of Mr. Mill’s beliefs changed over the course of his lifetime. At first, he was a firm believer in his father’s and Bentham’s utilitarian philosophy of the greatest happiness for the greatest number of people. After his breakdown, […]