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Jon Kamen and Frank Scherma’s groundbreaking media company started out as a commercial production shop in 1994, working with the world’s top ad agencies on world class brands like Nike, 22, adidas, Volkswagen and Mastercard. And the company is still a top commercials player, but over the next two decades, it’s expanded its reach to […]

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Back in the First World War, plebiscites were held on conscription, which is whether or not the government should be able to make people serve in war. That idea was rejected. And in 1977, a plebiscite even helped pick what would eventually become our national anthem. The biggest problem with all this is the lack […]

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Once the design pulls them in then they will be looking at your content to see if it interests them. It probably does as if it didn’t they likely wouldn’t have came to your website in the first place. Keeping your content updated will help keep their interest and will make them start clicking around […]

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Nike’s CEO condemned racism in a powerful company wide emailNike’s CEO issued an anti racist email memo to the entire company, making it known that racists aren’t welcome in house. But the recent outpouring of anti racist sentiment can help morale, especially when it comes to institutions and companies. On Friday, Nike’s CEO issued an […]

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PhotosAdd a New PhotoAuburn Flickr PhotosAuburn University’s Industrial Design Department put on its annual Designing Green competition on Thursday and Friday, Feb. 20 21. Each spring, the Industrial Design Department’s student chapter of Industrial Designers’ Society of America sponsors a competition in which industrial and graphic design students get to put their skills to the […]

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If there was a button in front of me that just eliminated all guns from the world in an instant I might press it. You’re probably right, the world would be safer. But this is the real world and we can’t be that idealistic, taking guns from hunters in Alaska or idiots in Tennessee isn’t […]

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Besides, Prague is also extremely popular for its beer, as it produces some of the finest brews in the world. Featuring dominantly in this magical landscape is the Vltava river, lazily drifting beneath the famous Charles Bridge of the city. In all its glory, Prague is an essential European retreat. One world record she is […]

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All of the bodysuits and thigh slimmers only come mid thigh, or worse. The problem with that is, it doesn’t matter if it fits right, it will still cut into my thighs, and even a little bit of cut is obvious on me. Or maybe it’s just obvious TO me. Wind and solar power are […]

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Altering texts to enable interpretation is a key role of the visual communication designer. Designers turn text files into web pages, posters, annual reports, wayfinding, books. They do this by choosing typefaces, point sizes, leading, column width; by considering hierarchy, proximity and juxtaposition. The building’s exterior is made up of eight isosceles triangles, and as […]