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Up against the rest of the league, his numbers still stand out. Kirk completion percentage is the league best among regular starters. Both his QB rating (97.2) and passing yards (3,625) rank eighth among regular starters. However, in all three of those defeats, Brady has led the Patriots on a scoring drive that gave New […]

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Could hear his conversations (at the newspaper), said Broughton. Was just a really thoughtful guy and a very intellectual guy. He could have an intelligent conversation about anything, whether it was politics or travel or English literature. Michael Jordan is famous for playing basketball. His indefatigable athleticism and unfailing competitive spirit combined to make him […]

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Don worry about setting it up in their name or anything (you wouldn be able to do that without them knowing/granting permission). Just do it under yours and send them the money when you want. Not any different than giving them cash. These shades have some other expressions. Some people with aphantasia, probably the majority, […]

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Said they can play me anywhere, Byrd said. Offered me as an athlete. Last season played quarterback, running back and receiver for the Monarchs, and also is a punt and kick returner. Like David, others who use technology to self track rely on a mix of mind numbing and automated measures, and they talk about […]