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In January 1277, the Northern force was able to secure an area around the Clwyd River. Three months later, the Central force had Dolforwyn Castle under siege, just a week later, the garrison surrendered. The commander recognised that resistance was futile, due to the fact that he knew that aid was not forthcoming. Municipal Opera […]

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Total Mishegas in Aspen. Bubby is Coming Drunk Fest in Aspen: Apres Ski Cocktail Classic Almost Famous (almost) in Aspen with THE REVIVALISTS. Clueless Adult Skiing. Davis FA, H, M, Mu; C. Dickinson BS, H, PE; L. Dolton Love Dr; B. Fastidiously researched and utterly propulsive, Kids for Cash takes us deep inside a profoundly […]

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And I know you’re the person to help me.If we were to make a Dream Team (a Mount Rushmore, if you will) of Celebrity All Star Game participants, who would it be? It doesn’t have to be people who have played in the game. I just want to build the best possible team of celebrities […]

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Powling, C. Fitzgerald, J. Evans, D. I searched for the words of my usual litany of life’s injustices to me. And as I looked at myself sobbing and expressing what I thought was creating my sadness, I was having a hard time taking me seriously!Still, I tried to think of more of the losses while […]

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The MS 417 catalogue is based on an historic inventory, created in 1972. The arrangement of material does not necessarily represent the original order of the archive and it is considered partly processed by an archivist. When making requests to consult, please be aware that there may be discrepancies between description and physical arrangement. The […]

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Mr. Duplacey’s sports interests extended well beyond hockey. He would take his holidays during the baseball playoffs, which he called “the greatest time of the year.” Sometimes he would rent a cottage so he could settle into a three games a day routine. Is This Whatwe can expect with people with glasses (and bottles) that […]

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It wasn enough. It was a shadow he carry for the rest of his years however long they may be the inability to protect. All those Clanless that he been forced to put down, the looming threat of Clan Vega that had nearly destroyed him, and now you, the one person he loved but might […]

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It isn’t clear when the tradition of giving him silk ties began but it was a natural choice of gifts. Dad was a salesman and loved a new tie. He grew up in the day when a salesman wouldn’t think of not wearing one. Steer Wrestling: First Round Leaders: 1/2/3, Brad Johnson, Joey Bell Jr., […]