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Anyone who knows anything about JRTs know they have two speeds fast and faster. It’s their nature. Bred in the 1800s as fox hunters, these tenacious little powerhouses will relentlessly chase their prey, never giving up until they have trapped the animal they are pursuing or are physically detained. As a pedestrian, this has happen […]

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Promotional Coca Cola “Coke” Bauer’s: to a comment left below I was made aware of a very special, very rare pair of Bauer’s. Coca Cola teamed up with Bauer to make a promotional pair of skates. Completely red on what looks like a Turbo 33 Boot. The company was founded by the inventor Andrew Ritchie, […]

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Features of the Thule Subterra 34L Backpack Protects your laptop (15in. MacBook Pro or 15.6in. A well organized interior helps keep all your essentials at hand, whether sunglasses and a laptop inside the SafeEdge padded sleeve that keeps it safe when you’re between point A and B. Expert Anatomic Pathologist and Clinical Pathologist Jane H. […]