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The results of that growth in pride and in training are obvious. The Six Nations department has gone from barely saving foundations to saving entire homes. He says, pretty damned fast. He was not found NOT GUILTY, he was acquitted, meaning according to the jury the state did not without a benefit of doubt prove […]

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Cannot hide from the fact that efforts to tackle violence have been made much more difficult by the government devastating cuts to the police and youth services, local councils and charities across our city. Cuts have consequences, a spokesperson for Khan office told CNN, adding: have consequences. CNN approached Downing Street for comment, it pointed […]

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Rick had gotten into an argument with a friend of his between classes. As the new teacher, I had to switch classrooms each period and was rarely in the classroom during the passing periods. Walked into class eating a large pickle and told Rick that he wished he had a pickle tree so that he […]

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Cheetah action figure comes dressed in her signature outfit (non removable) with iconic accessory details that fans of DC Super Hero Girls will love. In 6 inch scale, the Batgirl action figure is highly articulated for powerful posing and creative storytelling. Molded in durable plastic, the tech genius can take on Super Hero stunts and […]

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Gene editing deemed a national security threat according to government’s latest annual report3/21/2016 Gene editing is now considered a national security threat alongside cyberattacks and nuclear weapons. That is, at least according to the government’s latest annual report on national security threats. The report listed gene editing as a technology that, “probably increases the risk […]

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The recent winners look the ones to foucs on. Jungle Juice, winner on three of his last four, is now 16lb higher than when starting his winning spree but 7f on quick ground are his optimum conditions and he’s likely to make a good first of sealing a hat trick. Kachumba scored with plenty in […]

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If you adore small portions of VERY TASTY food that is HEAVILY OVERPRICED and served in a very dusty dining room, then you will enjoy your meal at the Spring Mill Cafe. Waiters are friendly and helpful, although few pay attention to sanitary serving practices (FOR EXAMPLE: we observed unclean fingers touching lips of water […]

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Dapper Pakistani scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan was always a man with a mission even if it was long shrouded in obscurity. Some 30 years ago, he allegedly stole blueprints for enriching uranium from the top secret Dutch lab where he worked. For decades, his team in Pakistan labored behind heavily guarded walls to produce enough […]