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Dapper Pakistani scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan was always a man with a mission even if it was long shrouded in obscurity. Some 30 years ago, he allegedly stole blueprints for enriching uranium from the top secret Dutch lab where he worked. For decades, his team in Pakistan labored behind heavily guarded walls to produce enough […]

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In Game 2 against Boston in the first round of the 1986 playoffs, Jordan went off for 63 points, five rebounds, six assists, three steals and two blocks on the road. “It was God disguised as Michael Jordan,” Celtics legend Larry Bird famously said after the game. Despite Jordan 63, though, the Bulls lost in […]

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So great is reliance on social security in some areas that the changes, when fully implemented, will in effect eliminate 6.5 years of real household disposable income growth in Blackpool, the hardest hit town, which on average will lose 914 a year for every working age adult. In prosperous inner London, Surrey and Buckinghamshire just […]

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The mortality was lower than expected in this severely ill group of patients. The beneficial effect of chronic beta blockade in patients with congestive cardiomyopathy suggests that catecholamines are involved in the pathogenesis of congestive cardiomyopathy, and that patients with congestive cardiomyopathy may have inappropriate sympathetic cardiac stimulation which can be reduced by chronic beta […]

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Talking to Instep about these five songs and why they make up his playlist, Bilal Ali asserted, “There’s no specific reason; they’ve just been a part of my playlist for a long time. My go to music while I’m traveling. My favorite is ‘Reckoner’; it is very well written and composed, especially the From the […]

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It includes tuxedo black granite top and white vitreous china undermount basins. It has 8” faucet drillings and optional 4” high back and side splash. Overall dimensions: 34” high, 72” wide x 21.625” deep.. But it also means there room on the roster to add other big names (Paul George? Kawhi Leonard via trade? Chris […]

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Liwai Basa, Molokai; 2. Matini Perlas Kaai, Roughnecks; 3. Kawika Kuamoo, Kihei.. It was getting dark, and Jo peered out of the window. Where had Simon got too? He said he would be home ready for Christmas. Being Christmas eve he promised to arrive dressed as Santa, so that if Paul came downstairs at the […]