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BenjaminSavard, a digital media producer at Middlebury College, had set out to capture some images of an octopus that the school’sneuroscience students have been researching, he told The Washington Post. As partof a test run Monday,he placed aGoPro camera into a waterproof casing and set it to automatically takerapid fire photos. Then, with the help […]

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9. Account and despite a hotly contested review kept the Gap’s $500 million global media assignment. It also created award winning campaigns that year for HBO and its shows “True Blood,” “Boardwalk Empire” and “Eastbound and Down.” Internally, the agency set up Drum, a content creation studio that specializes in the creation of apps, augmented […]

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Of course, you don’t want to reinforce the whining/crying at minor setbacks, either. So focus on what you want. Not just “for the kid to stop making that annoying sound right now,” but what you really want: a kid who can face a setback and deal with it in a positive way. Roy Hudd: Absolutely. […]

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Hassayampa River Preserve. Managed by the Nature Conservancy, the Hassayampa River Preserve is a riparian area on the Hassayampa River, which according to local legend, means “upside down” river. The Hassayampa is a seasonal river with areas along the river that also flow underground. 43 S. In Saraland. Requirements: one visit every 90 days; must […]

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Ultimately, Category 5 storms have sustained winds at 157 miles per hour and higher. This scale, however, is way too below the record achieved by super typhoon Haiyan. At 195 mph, typhoon Haiyan, according to some experts, should be scaled as Category 6.. Fill in all the appropriate details like Card Number, Expiration Date, Card […]

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There nothing new about genetic engineering. What new is CRISPR makes it much much much much easier and much more targeted. These science fictiony things you been hearing about for a long time that never happened? Now they going to happen, she said.. These figures do show is that while all war contains tragedy, including […]