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BanffiaBanffia look like weird bloated tadpoles and are so strange they are currently not known to have any living relatives. They appeared in the fossil shale of Scotland in 1911 and have been baffling paleontologist ever since. It is guessed that these animals probably lived on the sea bottom and sifted food out of the […]

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The question is perhaps too general, suggesting a definitive point in time in American history in which “federal power increased” a point of demarcation perhaps exceedingly difficult to discern. Probably the time in American politico legal history during which federal power was seen to be most consolidated was Reconstruction, the period immediately after and some […]

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Consider choosing a male kitten to join a pre existing older female cat home. A common observation in multiple cat homes is that female cats are less willing to share their territories at all, let alone with other adult female cats. Inappropriate elimination behaviors may be more likely among female cats cohabitating.. Last week, McKenzie […]

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“It feels good, and he’s been working hard . Trying to learn a new place and how to be play in the league,” Joerger told the Sacramento Bee after Hield won Rookie of the Month. “He’s improving. Incorporate a Greco Click Connect infant car seat and a second seat (both sold separately), and the UNO2DUO […]

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Some parts of the area may see a period of torrential rain within the stronger and slower moving storm cells that form, with rainfall rates reaching one to two inches per hour. Other hazards will include frequent lightning and perhaps even strong wind gusts, although the severe storm threat is more muted compared to that […]

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Bright IdeasCreating snacks that are yummy requires bright ideas. I whip up hummus and fresh cut vegetables as a snack during the day. We get busy, and in a rush, so hummus and veggies take the edge off the day as a perfect fast snack. QUESTION: And what is it Mr. Armstrong said in response […]