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Now it has to go through committees, and the process can take years.”Galton and Simpson were honoured with the Bafta Fellowship last summer.”We always wanted a Fellowship, even though we did not know what a Fellowship was. Not the sort of thing one associates with a couple of Cockney lads, apart from Alfred Hitchcock, of […]

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Perhaps sleep disruption and TBI is a much bigger factor in the lasting impact of TBI than previously thought.(https: review: This is pretty good science reporting, actually providing a link to the study being referenced. My one nit is the use of the word “Toxins”. That is a trigger word for me that immediately makes […]

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I sort of understand why people relive their athletic or military days and how older adults recall their accomplishments of youth. When you see some old guy shuffling across the parking lot in ragged clothes carrying a grocery bag full of day old bread you never think that he could have one day been a […]

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North First Street is the main drag, and it got a half dozen or so antique shops that are worth a peek. The recently opened Rustic Haven, 301 N. First St., features handmade primitive wall art, candles and furnishings. “It’s an incredible moment to all come together and remember a life, an important life,” said […]

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Such was the case of Lydia Fairchild, who was in an unfortunate financial situation when she applied for welfare for her family. Recently separated from her partner, she took the children in for the required genetic testing to prove that he was, indeed, the biological father of all three children. The DNA tests returned and […]

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“It’s Mistah Mockah the Mocking bird. Why, that bird just likes to go around making trouble; he just naturally likes to.” “He is right here in the Green Forest now,” replied Bobby Coon. “What’s that yo’ am a saying, Brer Coon? What’s that?” cried Ol’ Mistah Buzzard, growing very excited. On again, with the breeze […]