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North First Street is the main drag, and it got a half dozen or so antique shops that are worth a peek. The recently opened Rustic Haven, 301 N. First St., features handmade primitive wall art, candles and furnishings. “It’s an incredible moment to all come together and remember a life, an important life,” said […]

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Such was the case of Lydia Fairchild, who was in an unfortunate financial situation when she applied for welfare for her family. Recently separated from her partner, she took the children in for the required genetic testing to prove that he was, indeed, the biological father of all three children. The DNA tests returned and […]

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“It’s Mistah Mockah the Mocking bird. Why, that bird just likes to go around making trouble; he just naturally likes to.” “He is right here in the Green Forest now,” replied Bobby Coon. “What’s that yo’ am a saying, Brer Coon? What’s that?” cried Ol’ Mistah Buzzard, growing very excited. On again, with the breeze […]

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Calling all bathing beauties, get ready to bare your bump at the beach! Perfect for some fun in the sun or a relaxing pre baby getaway, these sleek one pieces, trendy tankinis and gorgeous bikinis are guaranteed to have you looking like one hot mama! We’ve selected the best maternity swimwear to fit every shape […]

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Jews are a Nation. We are Jews because we were born as Jews. A child of Jewish parents is Jewish. And what more, border guards would be directly answerable to politicians.Border officers would be forced to work under a renamed Control Department which would be directly answerable to a UKIP minister.Read MoreUkip Conference 2018UKIP would […]

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Tim Urban, who runs the blog Wait But Why, createdan amazing and funny (if layman’s) explanation of what mayhappen inside the brain of a procrastinator. Urbancalls himself a master procrastinator he didn’t begin writing a 90 page senior thesis until 72 hours before it was due. Urban recently gave a TED Talk about his own […]

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A hub that included the phrase “edible cooking oil” made me giggle. Need I say that my first thought was, “I suppose we could cook with non edible cooking oil, but why?” My sarcasm melted away, however, when I remembered how some of my own sentences sounded after publication sigh. Seeing lines like that encourage […]