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Jason actually started off surprisingly tepid on Stevie Wonder’s “Living for the City” his unconvincing performance was very dinner theater, without the soul, edge, or grit that Stevie’s inner city anthem required. But after Adam turned around, his confidence noticeably grew, and that’s when Alicia buzzed in. From that point on, Jason loosened up and […]

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The actors still seem to be getting their sea legs with the fancy costumes crab, seagull, etc. but then the show opened on its fourth performance, keeping its preview period short. Too many songs are overamplified and slightly frenetic; even “Under the Sea” and “Kiss the Girl” don’t quite have their famous infectious lilt, something […]

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She was one of 13 children, and the daughter of Edward Victor Gorringe and Josephine Read. Melba passed away August 15, 2001 in West Jordan, Utah at Bee Hive Homes. She had resided, happily there for the last five years. The watch is driven by the Omega own caliber that keeps automatic precise time. The […]

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The assault has been enough to generate a rearguard action by Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen Katz, the august law firm which for 50 years has been defending US corporations against the advance of shareholder activism. In a paper in the New York Law Journal last month, Wachtell partner David Katz and his colleague Laura McIntosh wrote […]

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Leashed dogs are welcome to join their families on The Crab Shack’s whimsical outdoor deck that offers idyllic views of Chimney Creek’s marsh and provides relief from the sun with a thick canopy of Spanish moss covered live oaks. Servers bring pups bowls of water, and many of their human counterparts share bits of their […]

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The next stop was Malik’s restaurant on 42nd St., Soul Cafe. He ordered the grilled turkey chop platter and I had the grilled chicken salad. It was delicious. Jeronne did a good job playing through fatigue, battling, just having the will to win. I think Jarnelle accepted the challenge in the second half. I thought […]

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Implementing complete smokefree policies in mental health inpatient settings Results from a before and after mixed methods evaluation: results from a before and after mixed methods evaluationHuddlestone, L. J., Sohal, H., Paul, C. R., Batten, E., Challis, D., Davies, L., Kelly, M. As she enters the kitchen, the smell of stale coffee prompts her to […]

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14. As far as anyone knows, Justin could become the first prime minister with a tattoo. His left shoulder is covered with a large tattoo of the planet Earth (inked when he was 23) surrounded by a Haida raven (added when he was 40). HARRISBURG Time and time again, you heard stories about animal abuse […]