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According to Consumersearch, “A study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine in October 2007 found that low and medium cost running shoes offered the same cushioning and support as more expensive running shoes.” The best affordable running shoes should be durable, well cushioned, lightweight and designed specifically for your foot type and running […]

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After several successful mix tapes that increasingly mixed popular music with rap, London released his full length disc.)OK, so tell me about your album “Timez Are Weird These Days.” What did you hope to accomplish with it and how do you think it turned out?”Yeah. I just wanted to make 10 song pop record. So […]

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Republicans are understandably concerned that a Buchanan candidacy could siphon away enough conservative votes to assure that the Democratic candidate wins the White House. That threat is not necessarily bad if it forces front runner George W. Bush to stop avoiding the issues and to begin spelling out his governing philosophy.. In our research it […]